B-side Screens

Hey friends,

I can never say thank you enough for all the wonderful support and encouragement you've given me through my first two releases, so today I'm releasing 'B-side Screens' for free.

It contains ten demos in all their unpolished glory, with no shortage of mistakes, plenty of digital artifacts and enough 60 Hz hum to take you to the moon and back (you've been warned, in case that actually does happen). Each demo has been dusted off and recovered from the murky, cobweb-ridden attic where they were left behind during the cathartic days of recording 'Anosmic' and 'Between Screens'.

Also included: remixes by Tunnel At The End Of The Light and musicformessier. My warmest regards to both for their stunning contributions, and for making my remix experiment a success.

You can get the whole ball of wax, here: https://thewaxgirl.bandcamp.com/album/b-side-screens

With much gratitude (and way too much caffeine this morning, or perhaps, not enough),


Posted by anosmic on April 10, 2015

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