For Anyone Who Cares

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the release of 'Onwards' has been postponed indefinitely.

I'm shattered by the sudden loss of a dear friend.

I need to take some time, to deal with the ensuing grief and shock, and to properly pay my respects to the life of a wonderful person, who left this planet way too young at the hands of depression. A line seriously needs to be drawn, and the stigma of mental illness has to stop.

I hope you'll understand that it would feel very wrong for me to release music next week, as I had originally planned. And setting another release date just isn't a priority for me right now.

I'll release 'Onwards' once I feel like myself again, whenever that may be. Thank you for your support and patience as I navigate this difficult time.

Hope all is well out there. If not, please don't bottle it up. There is no shame in talking about it.



Posted by anosmic on July 7, 2015

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