Plans: 2016

For friends/ anyone who's curious,

Sorry for the break in communication. I've been fighting the dreadful plague that's been going around. And prior to that, I was busy working on a few things. So it's been a while, and I felt the need to share what's ahead for The Wax Girl.

1. Plans are being made to write and record new music in the new year. Some details are still a bit blurry, but that's not stopping me from setting things in motion. I do know that I'll be starting in March. I can hardly wait. I wish I could start sooner, but that's the way it's going to have to be. But if all goes well, The Wax Girl's sophomore album might be finished and released by this time next year. That is the goal.

As for the time between now and March, things are looking somewhat like this:

(i). The Wax Girl will be going into hibernation, getting some much needed rest and gearing up to be fully immersed in creating new music throughout 2016.

(ii). Alex will be trying to figure out how to build a time machine.


(iv). If Alex doesn't succeed at (ii), at least he'll have (iii) to help pass the time.

2. I'm working on improving my website as my internet 'headquarters', and my newsletter to get updates and exclusive content directly to you. With social media sites like Facebook becoming much less effective as a means of communication for independent artists/ bands these days, I realize the importance of putting more emphasis on my own portion of internet space (which will always be here, regardless of trends that are happening elsewhere).

So if you haven't already subscribed to my newsletter, I strongly recommend that you do. I promise not to spam your inbox, and as a bonus, you'll receive a free unreleased track with your subscription. Note: the download link will be sent to your inbox along with your subscription confirmation.

3. Best wishes for the remainder of 2015 and in the new year. Please be safe wherever you are.

-The Wax Girl

Posted by anosmic on November 18, 2015

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