The Wax Girl Bio (2015)

The Wax Girl Bio (2015)

The Wax Girl is the music of Toronto-based producer and composer Alex Wright. In January of 2012, Wright began recording ideas haphazardly in his makeshift home studio, quickly amassing a collection of cinematic, shoegaze-esque sketches, despite not having any intentions for them. During that serendipitous time, Wright came up with the moniker 'The Wax Girl' (an anagram for his name), simply out of necessity for organizing his recordings on his computer. Later on, when Wright began to realize that his work was becoming more than just a creative outlet, the name stuck around.

After taking a year to study Audio Engineering and Music Production in college, Wright began working on new material in September of 2013. Still recording in his makeshift home studio, but applying his newfound knowledge of the recording arts, an EP began to take shape and was completed in March of 2014.

"Through my experiences in college, I gained a thorough understanding of the properties of sound, which effectively advanced my production skills. It allowed me to get the most out of the modest recording gear that I own, which essentially made it possible to confidently self-produce my work, and to comfortably release it to the world." says Wright.

On August 8, 2014 Wright self-released The Wax Girl's debut EP, titled Anosmic with a limited run of fifty hand-numbered CDs. Anosmic quickly drew favourable attention from media and reached as high as #1 on Canadian campus charts.

Propelled by the momentum from the critical praise, Wright devoted the rest of 2014 to completing a record that he had begun working on immediately after finishing Anosmic. Expanding his creative process, he began experimenting with manipulating 'found sounds' and incorporating a four-track cassette recorder into his recordings. "It’s very brittle and lo-fi. I like to record endless loops and create pads and drones with it. It’s completely unpredictable, and I never know what types of sounds I’m going to get out of it." explains Wright in a recent interview.

To more critical acclaim, Wright self-released The Wax Girl's debut full-length album, Between Screens on February 10, 2015 along with an animated video for the album's sixth track, Nuclear Winter. Echoes and Dust premiered the video and called it "a glorious piece of work." Ride the Tempo said "After The Wax Girl’s excellent 2014 EP ‘Anosmic‘ (which Ride the Tempo described as “gorgeous post-rock ambiance”) the question remained whether Alex Wright’s project was just a one-trick pony. Apparently not. The full-length follow-up ‘Between Screens’ is an even stronger set of music, and also more purposeful."

On August 5, 2015, The Wax Girl released a single titled Onwards, along with a video directed by London, Ontario filmmaker Edward Platero. All proceeds from Onwards benefit the Canadian Mental Health Association. “In the wake of losing a dear friend who struggled silently with depression, my goal is to raise awareness to help fight the stigma that is associated with mental illness. Any help spreading the word would be appreciated beyond measure,” Wright said in an interview with The London Free Press.

Wright is currently in the pre-production stages of The Wax Girl's sophomore album, and is aiming for a late-2016 release.

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