Press Quotes

Press Quotes

"The Wax Girl has just released Onwards, a spectacular and sweeping dreamscape of a single. There is also a video directed by London filmmaker Edward Platero. Proceeds benefit the Canadian Mental Health Association."
-James Reaney, The London Free Press

"In the film world, this guy is a gem. His pieces are intensely cinematic and lend themselves to so much interpretation. Wright’s compositions meld into the visuals, creating finished films that are brilliantly unified."
-Community Tree Music

"The video (Onwards) is a work of stark beauty. Wright’s delicate music is brought to life by dancer Siobhan Latimer. In turn, Latimer’s performance in the bare confines of a gymnasium is captured by the sympathetic eye of director Edward Platero."

"The stream that flows here is steady. The pebbles beneath the clear water lend a gentle undulation to the surface. Guitar loops form eddies here and there, but they always find their way back to the main current. The stream has purpose. Some of the other streams that flow out of the great Lake of Rock are so ambient that the waters stay still. You sit there going nowhere. Yet others are violent and unpredictable. Today this one is just perfect for laying back and letting the current take you where it will."
-Weird Canada

"Despite being instrumental, ‘Between Screens’ is not merely aural wallpaper – with its ebbing and flowing tones it weaves tales that have no need for words."
-Mark Anthony Brennan,

"Everything about this album makes the hair on my arms rise and creates goosebumps all over."
-Foofer Edwards,

"Probably my favourite video of this year so far. The animation (by Alex Wright, aka The Wax Girl, himself) is simple but highly effective in conveying the fragile beauty of the ambient tune “Nuclear Winter”."
-Mark Anthony Brennan,,

"'Anosmic' is a 5-track EP of gorgeous post-rock ambiance."
-Mark Anthony Brennan,

"Remaining true to expectations of post-rock while discovering a unique tone and personality can be challenging for any musical group. The Wax Girl has accomplished just that with Anosmic. Ephemeral and grounded, other worldly and meticulously designed, Anosmic is a treat for all post-rock aficionados."
-Graham White,

"With a strong debut like this, I cannot wait for more. Alex’s composition for these tracks make it easy to interpret multiple stories from the album, depending on the listener, and its tales are unforgettable."
-Manny J,

"The talent is there, the effects and textures are all there, the production value is certainly there, I cannot think of a single thing I don't like about this EP."

"This magnificent Canadian band has crafted something extraordinary."
-Foofer Edwards,

"A beckoning cascade of melodies. Like a journey across the sky, calming."
-Tracy Perry,

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